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Clinical Justification

research Image Clinical Documentation. As a profession, we are going to live or die by our documentation...but when do you have time to see your patients? Where is the balance? Our solutions let you maximize your quality patient time while allowing you peace of mind that both your patient and business documentation are complete.

Peer Reviewed. Our L-CODE justifications are based on peer-reviewed articles from the NIH and CMS LCDs, as well as time-established best practices for O&P.

Are you tired of pre-payment audits? Now you can know that your decisions are supported with the links, references and excerpts we will provide. Not only that, but our system helps standardize terminology and clinical documentation in your practice.

Clinical Consistency: The new clinical tracks in OPIE have about 7 main menu tabs, 22 "sub-menu" tabs and and about 120 "choser" fields. The time and effort that goes into populating those "drop-down" choices is significant. And the variety and quality of what you might get when you have various staff members populating them is all over the map. Our system will populate those drop downs for you, saving you valuable time and ensuring consistent, accurate information is available immediately when the practitioner's need it. This consistency and the verbiage we will help you maintain your professional image in the patient care community.

With all the scrutiny placed on O&P documentation these days, you can have some comfort in knowing that your L-Code selections are backed by solid citations to recognized literature and research. When you are defending your claim you can have confidence that your clinical intervention is founded on research. And as more research is available, with our subscription package, your justifications will be updated to reflect new information.

These systems are not just "theory." We have implemented the programs with tremendous success in the real world and offer you a strategy that is PROVEN EFFECTIVE IN REAL LIFE! Optimus Prosthetics was able to extricate itself from the Region B 100% pre-payment audits, effective 10/31/13. They believe the use of the Clinical Justifications was a major factor in this relief from the audits. Please contact us for more information on how this was achieved.

Elizabeth Ginzel, LPO, Compliance, Baker O&P tells us: “We recently implemented the L-Code Justification Templates that are substantiated through the use of research based information that serves as a crucial element in having claims resolved, particularly at the ALJ level.”

Click here for the L-5987 Justification and References.


It's never too soon to start documenting for the future!

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