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Quality Outcomes - Step Tool

Welcome to the Quality Outcomes
Walking Program for Amputees
Featuring the Quality Outcomes Step Tool

At Quality Outcomes, we know the value of walking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We also know how important it is for amputees to see that walking is truly an attainable goal. It’s one thing to be told. It’s quite another to see actual data showing how much walking you and other amputees are actually achieving. That’s why Quality Outcomes has created the Walking Program for Amputees, featuring the Quality Outcomes Step Tool.

The Quality Outcomes Step Tool is easy to use. All you need to do is create your account, add your profile information, and enter your daily walking data.

$25 Gift Card Awarded Each Month!

Quality Outcomes will conduct a random drawing each month based on walking program participants and one lucky walker will win a $25 gift card! Walkers are encouraged to update their walking data every day (maximum once per day) for eligibility purposes and to increase their chances of winning. Four lucky winners will be randomly selected each month!

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