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Patient Satisfaction
Understanding how your patients view your practice is important!

Quality Outcomes has designed CMS compliant DMEPOS patient satisfaction surveys for professionals seeking and maintaining accreditation. By conducting effective patient satisfaction surveys, you can gain valuable information about areas that need improvement and areas in which your organization excels. The process of gathering that information should be easy and effective. Let us do that part for you.

Starting at just $49 per month for the first location and $20 for each additional, the online Quality Outcomes Patient Satisfaction Survey process:

Gathers patient impressions efficiently
Provides you with tabulated data and reports
Complies with Medicare and HIPAA requirements
Meets accreditation requirements

Benefits Include:

  • Discounts on liability insurance premiums from Cailor-Fleming and VGM Insurance
  • Improved patient loyalty and referrals leading to increased market share
  • Benchmarking to set patient-centered and facility-centered improvement goals
  • Identification, measurement and tracking areas of your practice that are key factors in patient
  • Evaluating performance of individual providers; linking patient satisfaction scores with each provider
  • Accreditation

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