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Policy and Procedures

Perhaps one of the most difficult and most crucial aspects of accreditation is accurately documenting your policies and procedures.

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There are many sources of generic policy and procedure manuals, but these manuals are not specific to your company and require substantial work on your part to make the manual reflect your business practices. Quality Outcomes provides a unique policy manual tailored to your organization. All clients are interviewed to determine the policies needed and the precise language of the policy.

We have thoroughly reviewed the quality standards issued by CMS to the accrediting organizations. We have also reviewed the accreditation standards of the major O&P accrediting organizations. We can use that knowledge and our expertise to create a customized policy and procedure manual that addresses your specific needs and complies with the major accreditation program standards. In addition, over the years we have received significant feedback and have incorporated some "best practices" into the manuals so that you can be more efficient and business like in your practice management. When you purchase our service, you complete a brief survey during which we gather key information from you. One of our experts will then review your responses, call you to discuss the requirements if we have any questions, and then create and deliver a comprehensive document tailored to your practice.

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