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Accreditation Compliance

Classroom Image Quality Outcomes believes that organizational compliance with accreditation is really a cultural approach that creates an attitude of quality service. To that end, our objective is to help you foster an introspective environment that encourages continuous improvement in a patient centered practice.We are available to discuss your particular needs and the services we have to offer you in this effort.

Are you running your business, or is your business running you?

At Quality Outcomes, we want to help regain control of your business. You need to be able to enjoy what you do in order for this to be an enduring effort. We want to show you a way to run your business employing proven fundamentals and disciplines that empower you to continually reach new levels of growth and sustainability.

Quality Outcomes is pleased to offer several services to help you in this journey...We have:

  • Policies and Procedures that comply with accreditation standards, but also incorporate good business practices, such as creating staff accountability.
  • Software specific manuals for OPIE and Futura users that incorporate the unique software features into the compliance manual.
  • Site Survey Corrective Action Plans for those companies that got dinged by an accreditation site visit.
  • Our Patient Satisfaction Surveys give you real data that you can take to payers when you negotiate contracts
  • We can show you how to implement Outcomes Measures in your practice to document the care you are providing.
  • Create a culture of competence in your business! Call us now to get started!