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Practical Performance Management

Have you heard that you can't improve what you can't measure?  And if you take that one step further, you could say that without facts and data, you're just another person with an opinion.  At Quality Outcomes, our job is to help you identify and measure facts and data, convert them into knowledge and turn that knowledge into positive action.

Quality Outcomes, LLC provides a practical, comprehensive performance management plan that meets all CMS requirements for accreditation. Our unique process allows us to tailor the plan to your organization while maintaining enough consistency among all of our clients to begin establishing baselines for patient care expectations. These baseline responses provide a powerful tool against which your organization can benchmark its performance. Results will be tabulated and reports provided, allowing the organization to assess its performance.

Quality Outcomes has been working with healthcare providers to improve their practices since 2006. We have recently sharpened our focus on assisting our clients with specific performance management and patient care outcomes.  Through Quality Outcomes’ performance management surveys, analysis, and benchmarking, orthotic and prosthetic practitioners will have verifiable objective data to show referral sources and payors that their practices and their patient care is making a difference. Through our data management forms and surveys, we take the paperwork burden off the practitioner so they can spend more time where they need to – with the patients.

With our consensus building approach, Quality Outcomes identifies broad-based outcomes data and, with participation from researchers and trade organizations, we help to identify and teach professional best practices.  By relying on information obtained by referral sources, patients, practitioners as well as objective computerized clinical data, we are able to correlate the various forms of feedback.  As a result, we will be able to determine conclusively when an organization does a good job.

Our data guides the practice toward making clinical improvements that enhance or improve the patients’ quality of life and restore lost function. Partnering with Quality Outcomes gives practitioners the resources, tools, and quantitative data that allow them to achieve and maintain best practices so their patients have the best possible results. Click here to get started!